3 Jahre
Niederländisch und Englisch

Introduces students to the approaches and methodology of psychology, with a dual focus on cognitive & biological psychology. Psychology is a three-year programme taught in English and Dutch.

Psychologists try to get a grip on human behaviour by formulating theories and testing them through research. Because our behaviour is driven by a whole range of factors, there is an equally wide range of different theories within the field of psychology. The Psychology programme at Maastricht introduces students to all of these approaches. The programme teaches students to independently design and carry out scientific research.

The bachelor's in Psychology in Maastricht is distinct for its dual focus:

  • cognitive psychology examines the often unconscious mental processes between the external event (the stimulus) and our reaction to it (the response)
  • biological psychology assumes that everything we consciously or unconsciously perceive, do and think is due to patterns of activity in the brain, and brain-imaging techniques like fMRI play an important role in this approach

The bachelor's in Psychology is a three-year programme taught in English and Dutch.

Language requirements:
English track:If you finished your secondary education in a non–EU/EEA country and are not a native English speaker, you must submit the official results of either an IELTS test (minimum score 6.0) or TOEFL (computer-/internet-based minimum score 79;
paper-based minimum score 550). If you finished your secondary education in an EU/EEA country you will not have to do an English language test.

Dutch track: Dutch state exam NT2 (in case of a non-Dutch diploma)

Here you can download the brochure of the programme.

Maastricht University
Ilona Wijnands
phone: +31 43 3882180

Tanja Peeters
phone: +31 43 388 1554

Universiteitssingel 60
NL-6229 ER Maastricht


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